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Small Scratches

It's annoying when your car gets a scratch and you are faced with the choice of either losing your no claims bonus or having your car look less than perfect! It can be repaired, re-polished and re-finished, making your vehicle look like new.

Road / Stone Chips

Stone chips can look unsightly and are prone to rust. They can be repaired, re-polished and re-finished, making your vehicle look like new.

Small Dents

Small dents can be filled and painted to blend in with the surrounding paintwork giving an almost invisible finish.

Full Body Re-Sprays

Have your car painted front to back, top to bottom for a brand new car look or if you just fancy a change.

Re-Builds / Accident repairs

After an accident we can re-build and repair your car to bring it back to it's original condition.

Insurance Work

It's your choice of garage that repairs your car in the event of an accident, not your insurer's. Call to find out how we can assist you in your insurance repair.

Bumper Repairs and Replacements

We can repair your bumper scuffs and dents, or, if it's really bad we can completely replace the bumper and colour code it to match the rest of your paintwork.

Classic Car Projects

Call to find out how we can help you with your classic car project.

Replacement Bodykits

When fitting a bodykit we can colour code it to match your existing paintwork. We can do full kits or individual items such as bumpers, grilles, spoilers, skirts and mirror shells.

Bike Parts

We can also paint your bike parts such as petrol tanks.

Buff and Polish

If your paintwork is starting to look faded or dull we can rejuvenate it with a good buff and polish.

Vehicle Leasing Damage

We can perform minor repairs before you return vehicles to leasing companies.